Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mr. + Mrs. McNamara

Ok. I haven't had a chance to post this wedding that I was in/played photographer part-time. Miranda and I met back in our Hallmark days. She was the one always trying to get me to relax as I was always cleaning and working like a manic {which I still do!} while in Randa Danda world she was aways like, "We can always do it tomorrow." So when I need my quiet-relax-do-it-tomorrow days I head to Vt and get into Randa Danda world!! Miranda asked me to be in her wedding and capture some images on her wedding day. Marc Kelly, who we also went to Hallmark with, came up from New York to shoot the event with his fabulous assistant, Sue Kate!!! So I can't take the credit from all the images in slide show that I put together for the Mr. + Mrs.
Thanks Randa + Bren for having me be part of your special day!! Love you both!!
And thanks Bren for making sure I made it back to bed, after my waaaayyyyy too many shots I had.... I swear, it wasn't my fault! hhe he heeee
Click here to see their Slide show!

Here are some images that I shot through the day..

The Dress.

The Shoes.

The Hair.

Randa getting dressed....

Love these shots of Miranda. SO elegant.

Miss Queenie + Her King!

I got MK in action.

Here are my favs that Mk shot.. These are so Miranda!!

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