Tuesday, July 15, 2008

taking a deep breathe

Ever feel like there isn't enough time in a day to get everything done? I do. With wedding season in full-swing lately I have been a Busy Beee- Buzzinnnnng around on location and not putting time aside for me! I'm the type of person that I need to be out working or doing something. I think I have become a Work-a-holic!! ahah Yesterday I was on the road most of the day thinking about things + how life is sooo short to sweat the small stuff. I went over my parents to have dinner + to celebrate my mom's bday. On my way home I stopped to visit some friends who have been wondering where I disappeared to. After some veggie pizza on the grill + talks about what we all have been up to I mentioned I need to get going to finish editing my events.... alot of work to do. "Stacey- when are you gonna make time for yourself every now and then? There's always tomorrow to finish ur to-do list!" "I will I will when I'm all done w. work." We all started chatting about how life passes us by so fast and we don't even realize it. We all get caught up + never take time for ourselves... So I'm going to make a personal goal for myself- I'm gonna try really really hard to be a Normal Girl for one day a week and have Me-days!!! Not be in front of the computer all day/night. Just be the lady I am- where I let my hair done + do what Normal Girls do- beach it up, go out w. the ladies for martinis, laughing till my stomach hurts, have a movie night (shhhh- I always fall asleep to movies)... just have fun! So I'm gonna learn to say No and enjoy life's lil adventures!
I have to say that I have been happier then ever lately now that I finally went full time with my photography business!! Things have been great. A special thanks to my Family, Friends + especially my Clients. You all are Oh Soo Super Fabulous! And I couldn't have done it with out you!! So here's to u + me enjoying life!! CHEERS!!

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Mary Marantz said...

AMEN to that lady!! You totally said it! I've been feeling the same way myself...guess that means you & I will just have to go out for some martinis!! :)