Friday, August 1, 2008

Operation Love ReUnited

I recently just joined this charity program called Operation Love ReUnited. OpLove is a program where
photographers offer complimentary photography sessions to deploying military families. This session focuses on deployments– before and more importantly, after, at their reunion when the deployment has terminated and the soldier is safely home– usually in an airport. I think this is such an awesome program!! There are no words to express how u feel when seeing your husband, bf or the one you love come home for the first time from being away for such a long period of time. To capture the emotions, the tears of joy + memories for our troops to keep with them while being away is soo meaningful. I know I would probably be crying behind the camera as I'm photographing all this happening right in front of me. [ I get a lil emotional with this stuff. ]
So photographers out there sign up for this if you haven't already!! And for all my readers out there if you know anyone who's husband, family member or even a friend is across seas and want to do a session, let me know! We can do some pics and send them over to them!!
God Bless + bring our troops all home!

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