Monday, March 2, 2009

running of the brides

One of my brides and dear friends invited me to join them in the Running of the Brides. Filene's Basement is known for their annual bridal gown event when brides-to-be can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on designer wedding gowns.

I have never been to this before so I was excited to see how this was going to all go down. Jules invited 8 of her bridesmaids and friends to help. Team Jules came up with a master plan to run full speed, grab as many dresses and to all meet in one location!!
We arrived at 2am on Friday to get in line for a 6:30am door opening. We were the 6th group to arrive!! As we anxiously awaited we took turns keeping warm in the car, drinking Rockstars, dancing around, and singing Rappers Delights with another wedding party behind us!!!
Check out my quick Slide show of our experence.
If you have never been to an event like this check out this you tube video you can see some of us as we rush in!!
(we are in the teal shirts)

Is it time to go in yet? Team Jules

Our main rappers for Rappers Delight. By the way please contact me if you see this post. You are our savior in finding The Dress!!!
Jules guarding the dresses
Thank you girls for inviting me! It was quite the experience. So glad to be part of finding the most important dress!!

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