Friday, June 20, 2008

OMG- What just happened???

So wanna hear something soo funny & embarrassing at the same time? So I'm photographing a wedding last weekend. We arrive on location, the ceremony is outside, everyone awaiting the brides arrival. We were running a lil bit behind schedule. We rush to get the ladies into place cuz all of a sudden its starts Thundering & raining. And I didn't think to bring an umbrella. So as the wedding coordinator is trying to get everyone in place I'm walking around taking pics of the ceremony, details, details, details and of the groom. When all of a sudden I squat down to take a shot down the aisle when I hear a rip from behind me and it wasn't from someone else it was from me!!!! I ripped my pants right in the butt!!!!!! How Embarassing!! I walked away very slowly hoping that no one noticed. Luckily I knew some people there. So I walked over to my friend Ryan and asked to borrow his sports jacket to cover myself up. Of course, he's like, "NO! Its starting to rain." So I clue him in on what happened and what does he do-Yell, "What you just split your pants?" Ryan starts laughing ridiculously loud. I couldnt believe what just happened to me. I mean I have been working out, riding my bike & running again. I thought that was helping me not hurting me!! ahahahahaha This would only happen to me, ask anyone who knows me!!
Anyways, I finished the rest of the day with a shirt wrapped around my waist so no one would have a peep show!!! Lol Just wanted to share that story with everyone. Does anyone else have any embarrassing stories that have happened to them at a event?
On that note TGIF : )

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