Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My BFFs wedding!!

Got a phone call today from my BFF- Anne aka Booka. Conversation goes like this-
"What are you doing August 1st?" Any events?" -Anne.
"Nah, just going to show up in Mexico to photograph a wedding. But the couple doesn't know (Anne was going to E-lope to Mexico) !!lol-Me aka lil B
"Well change of plans wanna photograph my wedding in my backyard?"-Anne
"OMG-WHAT? Of course!! I would LOVE to!!-Me

How awesome is this going to be to photograph my BFFs wedding!!!! This means soo much to me! She's my sidekick. My sho
ulder I cry on. My family. My everything a girl could ask for. Always there for me no matter what! We have been through alot together and to see her happy and settling down with the man of her dreams! Makes me soo happy + sappy too!! I get all emotional when it comes to this stuff!! I'm a chick what can I say!!
Here's the story......
Anne + Tony (Anthony) met at NFA. Anne a sign language interpreter + Tony a gym teacher at the school. Anne walks into the gym with her student, interpreting and gets hit in the head with a dodge ball... Tony comes to the rescue!! ahaah
But wouldn't that be a great story how they met? But for real they did meet at the school.

Then one night last year when I'm house sitting Anne + Tony came over to visit. I'm thinking we are all just having dinner + catching up on things. I love to have people over and cook dinner, drink great wine!! Yumm, right?
Well, Anne doesn't keep many secrets from me. I didn't notice but Anne started helping with dinner and Empathizing talking with her hands -(Watch out Anne's Signing)!! lol When I noticed the Rock on her finger!!! As I'm screaming and jumping up and down, cuz I'm soo excited for her!!! Tony proposed to Anne!! So we celebrated the engagement that night!!
I have never see Anne so happy + could never ask for a better man for my Booka. Gd one Tony!! CONGRATS guys -wish you nothing but happiness and laughter!! I'll be seeing you both next week!! Cant wait for this. I'll probably have a my camera i
n one hand and a box of tissues in the other!! Now thats a picture moment!

Here is Booka + I back in the day...
Luv u girl!! XOXO

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