Thursday, August 21, 2008


Stopped over Jenn's house on Friday to meet Baby Ethan. He was all refreshed after waking up from his nap + ready to play outside with me!! Ethan was soo fun to work with. We first started out in the yard to play in the grass. Its soo funny to see a child's reaction to different textures. Ethan didn't know what to do once we put him down in the grass. Then later on he was rolling around in it + wouldn't stop laughing. Luv it!!

Here are my favs for our session!

Click here to view the slide show!!

"Ma what is this?"-Ethan
Oh I like it! Its tickling me!!
See what I mean!!
Ethan + Tala, big cousin!!
Dont we all remember Corduroy? One of my favs when I was a lil one.
Mommy + me, storytime
Ethan's room is a teddy bear theme so we grabbed some of his bears and piled them on this chair. You think he was lovin this?

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Jen said...

I cannot thank you enough for the awesome pics you took of Ethan & Talia. I've been telling everyone to visit the site and the ones who have just loved them! I look forward to having you do more pics in the future!