Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby its cold outside...

I cant believe how cold outside it has gotten lately! Makes me want to curl up with my favorite blanket next to a cozy fire, editing and attempt to watch movies!!

Kelly invited me over one morning to have some coffee + muffins, while we played around with Trenton.
Thank you again for having me over!!Yummy muffins and all that sugar is going to go to great use with the holidays!!

Click here to view the slide show!

Look at this pic of Trenton in his pjs on the couch!! This is one of my favs!

"Can we please go outside for a few minutes! Please Ma?"- Trent
Its cold outside but he loved it!

Doesn't he look like the lil boy from the Christmas Story,? "I cant put my hands down!" (One of my fave movies to watch around the holidays!)

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